Arth’s was Asteria’s doll. Asteria used to take her to her room and dressed her as she whanted. They were having a lot of fun and Calpurnia’s often joined them for a tea party. 

She forgot her childhood after the shock of the dark days. Her body changed suddenly because the 7’s population had been marked by the war. Now, she tries really hard to remember a lot of things. 

Irving had always been Arthemis favorite brother when she was a kid. She used to hug him each time she was afraid of something. She would go very often to his bedroom after she had nightmares.

Arthemis is probably like 16 years old physically but her mind is strong as an old oak. 

When she was young, before the dark days, Arth was a really nice (hrm) and cute girl. She changed when the dark days destroyed her relationship with Calpurnia. They used to be really good friends. They organised tea parties where their brothers were forced to wear dresses. 


she’s so pretty :)